Patient testimonials

March 17, 2024

Helena, 54 years

Helena is 54 years old self-employed woman with three children, a husband, and a dog. She was admitted to the virtual ward for treatment of pneumonia. Although she normally has an active lifestyle, with regular training in the form of tennis, squash and long dog walks, she became very weak during her illness. She appreciated Hospital at Home since she could receive support from her family. Read the story below.

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February 23, 2024

Hans, 87 years

Hans lives in a suburb of Stockholm and was admitted to the virtual ward for endocarditis, an infection that can affect both heart-healthy people, yet, foremost individuals with inoperable material, such as pacemakers or so-called valve prostheses. In this case, the aortic valve had been replaced, but although the operation went as planned, the recovery was unexpectedly slow. After being investigated in the Medical Clinic for a few days, the cause was identified - an infection of the new aortic valve. Read more about his experiences below.

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February 1, 2024

Thomas, 59

Thomas was admitted to the virtual ward during the fall where he was intravenously medicated with antibiotics to manage a urinary tract infection. Thomas has an extensive medical history, with several different diagnoses over the past nine years. For Thomas, receiving virtual care greatly improved his quality of life compared to previous illness episodes. Read the full story below.

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December 18, 2023

Testimonial Bojan, 83 years.

Bojan was admitted to the virtual ward when one of her blood values, potassium, ended up at too high a level. She says that her life in recent times has involved many hospital stays and revolutionary health changes. After being hospitalized and visiting several different hospitals, she appreciated being hospital at home, where she felt more free and comfortable. Bojan has several underlying diagnoses namely two heart attacks, diabetes and lung cancer.

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December 5, 2023

Per, 78 years

Per lives in an apartment at Östermalm with his wife Kristina and was offered treatment on the virtual ward in October 2023 for erysipelas, a serious skin infection. While having dinner with his family, Per began sweating profusely with a high fever. A short while later, a distinct pink color appeared, and that's when Per and his family realized he had contracted erysipelas. Together with his wife, Per took a taxi to the emergency room and was admitted to one of the departments of the Medicine Clinic. Click here to read more.

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November 17, 2023

Lena, 75

Lena is a lively senior who lives with her man in Järfälla. She revieved help from Medoma since she suffered from a serious condition called neutropenic fever. This implied higher sensitivity to infections and patients with this condition should be carefully observed. She was admitted to the infectious disease ward where she received bone marrow stimulating drugs to increase the white blood cells and antibiotics. She then received an offer to be transferred to the virtual department. Read the full story here

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October 18, 2023

Mohammad, 70 years.

Mohammad is a lively 70-year-old small business owner who runs a bicycle workshop adjacent to his home. In May, he had to be transported by ambulance to the emergency department at St. Goran's Hospital after attempting to lift a heavy load in his bicycle workshop. He describes how his entire back seized up, and he experienced excruciating pain. Once in the emergency room, it was determined that the infection had occurred due to his pacemaker, which was implanted in 2021. He was admitted to the infectious diseases ward and received intravenous antibiotic treatment. Subsequently, Mohammad was offered a place on the virtual ward in June 2023, where he underwent treatment for endocarditis, inflammation of the heart valve.

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October 12, 2023

Jannica, 37 år

Jannica started to feel ill in September 2023. After staying home for a week she still had high fever and dry cough which made her seek care. The hospital identified a heavy blockage in her airways and oxygenation problems and sent her to the emergency department at St. Goran's Hospital. From there, she was admitted to the Medicine Clinic for four days to receive oxygen and various inhalations. Simultaneously, an investigation was conducted to determine whether the infection was caused by bacteria or a virus.

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99 years old

Gastroenteritis. With a profound hesitation of going to the Hospital – especially as no relatives were allowed to visit. Afraid of hospital-related infection and confusion. Monitored during 4 days with blood sample diagnostics and received iv-fluids.

”Unbelievable that we were given this opportunity to receive high acuity care in the home. Herman would not have managed to be in a hospital ward. The level of service was extraordinary, thank you!”

– Hermans wife Susanne

74 years old

Bypass surgery of the heart. Extra support after discharge through Medoma for 10 days.

“I underwent surgery after a heart infarction. The week after my time in the hospital I received care and observation from Medoma with daily contacts and visits in my home. I have felt very safe and don’t understand how I would have managed otherwise. This is the future of healthcare, it should be offered to all patients!”