Patient testimonials

99 years old

Gastroenteritis. With a profound hesitation of going to the Hospital – especially as no relatives were allowed to visit. Afraid of hospital-related infection and confusion. Monitored during 4 days with blood sample diagnostics and received iv-fluids.

”Unbelievable that we were given this opportunity to receive high acuity care in the home. Herman would not have managed to be in a hospital ward. The level of service was extraordinary, thank you!”

– Hermans wife Susanne

74 years old

Bypass surgery of the heart. Extra support after discharge through Medoma for 10 days.

“I underwent surgery after a heart infarction. The week after my time in the hospital I received care and observation from Medoma with daily contacts and visits in my home. I have felt very safe and don’t understand how I would have managed otherwise. This is the future of healthcare, it should be offered to all patients!”