Patient testimonials

We are very fortunate to have patients that put their trust and health in our hands. Below we reference testimonials from some of them.

99 years old

Gastroenteritis. With a profound hesitation of going to the Hospital – especially as no relatives were allowed to visit. Afraid of hospital-related infection and confusion. Monitored during 4 days with blood sample diagnostics and received iv-fluids.

”Unbelievable that we were given this opportunity to receive high acuity care in the home. Herman would not have managed to be in a hospital ward. The level of service was extraordinary, thank you!”

– Hermans wife Susanne

76 years old

Knee surgery. Extra support after discharge through Medoma for 10 days.

”During two weeks I received care in my home with daily contact with a medical doctor who have been monitoring my vitals, ordered medications and solved issues regarding swelling of my leg, pain and high blood pressure. I have had a feeling of security and safety all along, and with no doubt it hasenhanced my recovery and healing. I can strongly recommend the services of Medoma.”

74 years old

Bypass surgery of the heart. Extra support after discharge through Medoma for 10 days.

“I underwent surgery after a heart infarction. The week after my time in the hospital I received care and observation from Medoma with daily contacts and visits in my home. I have felt very safe and don’t understand how I would have managed otherwise. This is the future of healthcare, it should be offered to all patients!”