Lena, 75

Lena is a lively senior who lives with her man in Järfälla. She revieved help from Medoma since she suffered from a serious condition called neutropenic fever. This implied higher sensitivity to infections and patients with this condition should be carefully observed. She was admitted to the infectious disease ward where she received bone marrow stimulating drugs to increase the white blood cells and antibiotics. She then received an offer to be transferred to the virtual department. Read the full story here

Earlier this year, Lena received a breast cancer diagnosis, and she initiated the treatment in the summer with an end date in December 2023. During her treatment in October, Lena began feeling weak and tired, experiencing a noticeable sense of illness. She sought help at the local health center. Her blood tests were abnormal, and she was immediately sent to the emergency department. Her son drove her to St. Goran's Hospital, where her test results indicated low levels of white blood cells and an infection, a serious condition known as neutropenic fever. At this stage, individuals are highly susceptible to infections and should be closely monitored. She was then admitted to the infectious diseases ward, where she received bone marrow-stimulating medication to increase white blood cells and antibiotics.

After several days at St. Goran's Hospital, Lena had the opportunity to be transferred to the virtual ward for ongoing treatment, evaluation, and monitoring at home. During the transition to the virtual ward, nurse Julia provided Lena with an introduction, explaining how the treatment at virtual ward worked. Back home, Lena received assistance from healthcare assistant Ebba to set up. At this time, Lena was provided with technical equipment to measure vital parameters, such as pulse, temperature, and blood pressure.

Lena received physical home visits every day for examination and testing. In addition, Lena participated in the physician-led virtual rounds held every morning.

"It was very good to be able to see exactly when all rounds and visits would take place via the tablet. We had pleasant moments, and it felt reassuring to know that the mobile healthcare personnel and monitoring center had full oversight and provided me with the treatment I so desperately needed."