Helena, 54 years

Helena is 54 years old self-employed woman with three children, a husband, and a dog. She was admitted to the virtual ward for treatment of pneumonia. Although she normally has an active lifestyle, with regular training in the form of tennis, squash and long dog walks, she became very weak during her illness. She appreciated Hospital at Home since she could receive support from her family. Read the story below.

Flu symptoms and high fever‍

Initially, Helena had a high fever and flu symtomps. When her condition worsened, she sought treatment at the City Emergency at Hötorget. Her blood tests showed an abnormally high CRP (infection value) of 200, where it should normally be below 3. The doctors at Cityakuten recommended further investigation and x-rays at St. Göran's Hospital, where she recieved the diagnosis of pneumonia and a treatment with antibiotics started. Continously, Helena was offered care in the virtual ward and she was transferred to her home for continued treatment.

Change/adjustment of antibiotics​​

The first three days of the treatment included intravenous antibiotics. In additon, Helena measured her vital parameters and her values were monitored digitally by nursing staff. Also,  healthcare staff visited her in the home and performed additional examinations. After some time, it was noted that the antibiotic treatment did give the desired effect and additional test and bacterial cultures showed the need for another treatment. The doctor in charge then decided to change the type of antibiotic to a more targeted one that gave the desired effect.​​

“I stil felt sick after my initial treatment, so I contacted Medoma and described my status. The staff revisited me and drove me to St. Göran's Hospital for further samples. It felt very safe and effective".

Closeness to the children​​

Helena describes that the her home-treatment  was appreciated by the whole family and especially the children, that could feel safe by seeing her health condition improve. Helena felt weak during illness period and had difficulties to stay awake and engage in activities. Despite this, it was comftorable to rest at home with the family constantly present.

Recommends the form of care​​

Helena did not know about the virtual department before her treament, but admits that she can recommend it to others for the future. The team at the virtual department are very grateful that Helena took the time to meet and share her experiences. We appreciate all kinds of feedback about procceses and methods to constantly improve our work.