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Benefits for patients

Hospital admission can be associated with complications, particularly for older patients, and adverse events include delirium, functional decline, falls, depression, malnutrition, and hospital acquired infections. Therefore, treating patients in their home is not only a question of comfort, but can also be a mean to reduce morbidity and even mortality.

The international experiences of conducting acute care in the home has been thoroughly evaluated and studied for many years and is associated with fewer in-hospital complications and adverse events, increased patient and caregiver satisfaction, improved functional outcomes, conservation of hospital resources, and high-cost effectiveness.

Less hospital related complications

Shorter length of stay

Reduced mortality

Reduced risk of infection, e.g. COVID-19

Increasing physical activity and faster recovery

Higher comfort and satisfaction

Benefits for hospitals

Hospitals, who alongside their mission of treating patients, also have a responsibility to society and the ultimate payers of their services to conduct care in an efficient and effective manner, have a lot to gain from a model that allows for acute care to be delivered in the home. The Medoma offering
allows for “right care, at the right place, at the right time”, and helps hospitals move towards a future proof healthcare model.

Focus on patients that really need to be in the hospital

Better unit economics

Right care at the right place

Increase number of beds due to infectious or seasonal variations

Move towards a future proof healthcare model

Benefits for society

For society it is important to allocate resources where they make the biggest difference and have the highest impact. Freeing up space in hospitals, so that they can focus on patients and treatments that really need the hospital resources is an important part of that puzzle. For society at large – where citizens can spend more time close to their loved ones in times of medical distress is also a noteworthy benefit of the Medoma care model.

Lower costs

Lower ”rehospitalization rates”

More effective use of hospitals

Ability to treat more patients

“Right care at the right place”