The Medoma management team

With a "patient-first" mindset, we have as a team jointly set out to improve the way acute healthcare is conducted. While our individual professional backgrounds might differ - our goal is however common - to improve the healthcare of the future.

Why we do it

Sweden, where we started Medoma, has one of the most advanced and highly respected healthcare systems in the world. Yet there are a lot of things that can be improved. Those of us in the founding team with medical backgrounds have found ourselves in situations where patients – however grateful for the treatments they get – often long for a more personalized type of care. A care tailored for their needs, and when applicable, care that can be conducted with loved ones in proximity.

In a world with a wide variety of increasingly advanced treatment options we believe patient-centered care, where patients are treated as partners rather than subjects and receive individualized treatment, becomes even more important. This is a key issue for high patient satisfaction and can unfortunately easily be overlooked in a hospital setting. Treating patients on their home turf with their loved ones at their side provides a unique opportunity for collaborative care in which family preferences, values, cultural traditions, and socioeconomic conditions can be fully understood and respected.

With our care-model, we believe we have a win-win-win situation, where patients get better care, overburdened hospitals can prioritize their time and skill on patients that really need the advanced hospital facilities, and society as a whole benefit from better and more cost-efficient care.

For us, all of us working at Medoma, we can think of nothing more meaningful than to work for a cause of trying to improve the lives of those in need, and to contribute to improvements in our healthcare system in general.

Johan Nordenström
Chief Executive

Johan has his educational background from Stockholm School of Economics from where he received a M.Sc. in Business and Managerial Economics and has spent most of his professional career as an entrepreneur building up businesses. Experiences spans from various M&A and Private Equity roles in Sweden, Europe and America, to being part of the founding team of a medical services online business to his role as CEO and significant shareholder of Kaplan, a digital marketing business that was sold to Accenture in 2018.

Johan has a profound interest in how to improve healthcare, and while not a medical doctor himself, Johan comes from a long family tradition of Medical Doctors (which includes for example his father, both grandfathers and an aunt)

Proud father of two daughters and the “toller” (dog) Amy means spare time is rare, but when it does occur – chess, piano and skiing is most often on the wish list for activities.

Henrik Bjärtun
Chief Medical

Henrik is a Medical Doctor by background. After finishing his M.Sc. in Medicine from Lund University he moved to Stockholm, where he began his internship at St Görans Hospital, the largest Emergency Hospital in Sweden based on the number of annual visits. For many years he learned how to be a physician with a wide set of skills and became a Specialist within Internal Medicine, where his latest role however was within the Hospital Management team, as the Chief Medical Informatics Officer. In this role he was strategically and operatively responsible for the hospitals use of digital healthcare solutions.

Henrik is a proud father of a daughter and a son who he spends a lot of free time together with. Once they are asleep, he loves to watch all kinds of sports and if possible, to exercise some himself - golf and skiing being his favorite choices these days.

Mikael Kastengren
Chief Operating

Mikael graduated from the Karolinska Institute in 2013 and has since been working as a Medical Doctor practicing both cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology at the Karolinska University Hospital. As a clinician, he treats patients with advanced heart disease with a special focus on aortic and mitral valve disease. He is also conducting research and writing his doctoral thesis at the Karolinska Institute with the aim to improve patient outcome for patients undergoing heart valve procedures.

With a diverse background in business and law Mikael has always been perceptive to how the health care system is organized and how patient preferences are best accommodated. In a world with increasingly advanced treatment options, he believes patient-centered care and individualized treatment becomes all the more important. This is a key issue for high patient satisfaction and can unfortunately easily be overlooked in a hospital setting. With Medoma, it is possible to treat patients on their home turf with their relatives at their sides, providing a unique opportunity for collaborative care in which family preferences, values and cultural traditions can be fully understood and respected. He is genuinely proud and excited to be part of a team that can fundamentally change and improve how (and where) advanced health care is provided.

When not at work he spends time with his three children. When given the opportunity to travel, he prefers snowboarding in the alps or surfing on the French Atlantic coast.

Anna Liljegren
Head nurse

Anna is a registered nurse, specialized in geriatric care at Ersta Sköndal Nursing College. She has extensive experience from almost all the different health care settings such as inpatient care, emergency care, municipal health care,primary care, and advanced home care (ASiH).

Anna’s prime motivator is to improve care for patients and she loves engaging in new and innovative ways of achieving this. She is also a strong believer in leadership focused on creating a great work environment for healthcare staff as well as the best conditions for the patient to receive care at the right level.

Furthermore, caring for patients at home has been a common denominator for several of her previous workplaces and Anna is convinced that the best conditions for healing and recovery is in your own home.

In her spare time, Anna spends time with her family, preferably out in nature and close to animals.

Oskar Gunnarsson
Chief Technology

Oskar holds an M.Sc. in Business from Stockholm School of Economics and has broad experience from different managerial and intrapreneurial roles. Mid career he shifted focus to work mainly with tech which had been his obsession since childhood . As the CIO / CTO of Adlibris he had the opportunity to be part of a rapid growth journey, transforming and cloud shifting the supporting IT-systems along the way. Prior to joining Medoma he built his own successful business as an independent IT-consultant / CTO-for-hire, helping clients transform their IT-environment to be more customer focused and aligned with their respective businesses.

Oskar’s focus and strength lies in the intersection between Customer, Business and Tech with a deep domain-knowledge within all three fields, respectively. After having had a few hospital interactions severely affected by the acute lack of hospital beds, he joined the Medoma team with a mindset of applying a customer focused and lean approach within Medoma’s new health care model - with the ambition set no lower than taking acute healthcare to a whole new level.

Sofia Rådström
Chief Product

Sofia has a Master of Science (Civilingenjör) in Media Technology from the University of Linköping. She has 10 years' experience of managing digital product development in various roles such as Product Owner, Head of Development, Head of UX and Head of Product. Sofia is driven by the will to create value for both the users and the business through agile, data driven and user-centric methods and frameworks. Sofia’s primary driver is to use technology to create opportunities for people to solve problems together – across competencies and boundaries.

Since 2019 she has worked with digitalization within the Health Care sector. Outside work, Sofia is a mother of two, and enjoys being creative. She is also a beloved writer and illustrator of a series of children’s books.

Jonathan Lewensohn
Chief Marketing Officer / Growth

Jonathan is educated at the Stockholm School of Economics and has an entrepreneurial background where he has spent most of his career developing and running companies. Most recently as founder and CEO of Digitalstudion.

Jonathan's real expertise and passion lies in commercializing business models based on technology shifts and new user behaviours. 

When not at work Jonathan spends his time with his family in the archipelago or on some hiking trail with the dog Bailey in the lead.  

Sofia Hansson
(acting) Chief Product

Following her graduation from Stockholm School of Economics in 2015, Sofia joined Spotify as the “Luma” of Chief Business Officer Alex Norström and supported him and the team in growing Spotify’s subscription business from
20 million to close to 100 million paid users in three years.

The company then moved her to New York to launch the Spotify Premium-sub brand and lead its Marketing efforts globally. During her time in New York, she also initiated and lead a project to uncover new opportunities to differentiate Spotify, which resulted in a company-wide investment in Live Audio. In 2020 she moved back to Sweden to lead Spotify’s efforts for young children, incl. launching the Spotify Kids app in 14 markets.

Sofia thrives in fast-paced environments, working alongside a diverse set of colleagues and partners to meet business ambitions by solving customer problems.

When not at work, Sofia loves spending time with her family, cooking and drawing.