Employe portrait: Sipan, Medical director and specialist in internal medicine

In the meeting with Sipan, medical director and specialist in internal medicine at Medoma, we get a deeper understanding of the operation and development of the virtual ward. Sipan's regular day at Medoma implies a balancing act between leadership and clinical expertise. As responsible for the medical staff and medical operations, he leads the day-to-day work, while continuing to treat patients with various internal diseases.

Sipan has a solid background in healthcare with studies at Linköping University and research in vascular diseases. The move to Stockholm marked the beginning of a career in emergency hospitals and teaching at Karolinska Institutet. How did find out that he wanted to work as a doctor?

"As a child, I was interested in technology and science for a long time, and I wanted to become a pilot for a long time. But sometime during high school when we were reading about the human body, I realized how exciting it was and understood that as a doctor I could combine my interests in science and people. I am a very curious and like to meet people, so I realized then that the medical profession would suit me very well"


Furthermore, why did he initate a career at Medoma? He received an offer to be part of the virtual department which think felt like a new and exciting challenge. He wanted to be involved in developing this new form of care and liked the variety that the service offered. Yet, Sipan faces numerous challenges in its work. Reshaping the view of acute care and dealing with logistical issues are some of the ongoing challenges. Streamlining efforts and ensuring smooth home visits and treatments are crucial to offering high-quality care.

The work in the virtual department is very similar to the work in a regular department; the day begins with an update on how the evening and night have been for the patients, followed by a review of the morning's checks and then the rest of the day and patient schedules are planned which includes video-rounding. When the video round is finished, the patient-related work continues in the form of record keeping, referral writing and coordination with other hospital specialists. Before the lunch break, Sipan begin with the inclusion of new patients, where suitability is assessed based on specific criteria. The afternoon continues with similar tasks, but can also perform physical assessments of enrolled patients.

According to Sipan, virtual care has had a large impact and changed patients' experience of healthcare. Being at home makes it easier to sleep, eat healthy and be active, which promotes faster recovery. He emphasizes the importance of being able to prevent diseases before they occur, especially given the aging population. He also shares some memories from Medoma, where grateful patients and surprising care experiences create meaningful moments. Sipan reflects on his ideal patient-meeting in the virtual ward. He strives to offer every patient equal care and emphasizes the importance of listening and communicating clearly to create a safe and positive patient experience.


In the meeting with Sipan, the image of a committed doctor and manager who navigates between the traditional and the innovative in healthcare emerges. He believes that a major challenge for healthcare in general is to change the thinking around emergency healthcare. Of course, it isnot suitable for all patients, but there are many patients in the hospitals who would benefit from receiving their treatment via the virtual ward. On the other hand, he believes that virtual care requires good risk analyses, and healthcare professionals must be able to identify the right patients who are suitable for inpatient care at home. His assessment includes knowing where the limit to not expose the patient to unnecessary risks.


Furthermore, we asked who at Medoma he would like to change place with for one day. He answered that "It would be exciting and stimulating to be part of the process when we connect new customers and hospitals. Those who spread the word about Medoma often meet various politicians and hospital managers, it would be fun to hear the dialogues and what they think about the new form of care"


In conclusion, Sipan is shaping the care of the future in a world where virtual care is becoming an increasingly integrated part of the care system. By combining traditional medical expertise with innovative digital solutions, the virtual ward creates a care environment where patients' well-being is at the center. Thanks Sipan for sharing your thoughts and for your solid work!