Implementation of Sweden's first digi-physical hospital-at-home care model for high-acuity patients

In a study published in The Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, Mikael Kastengren (Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer at Medoma), Linda Frisk, Linda Winterfeldt, Gunilla Wahlström, and Magnus Dalén present results from the launch of Sweden's first digi-physical virtual inpatient department. The main objective was to measure patient satisfaction. This research marks an important step forward in the quest to improve accessibility and efficiency in the healthcare system, and its results significantly contribute to the scientific literature in the field. Read the whole article here.

The patient base consisted of adult patients with acute medical conditions requiring hospital care. These patients were offered care at a virtual inpatient department as an alternative to traditional inpatient care. With high values of patient satisfaction and quality of care, the results show a successful model for future healthcare.

Data from the study:

  • Number of patients in the study (Oct 2022 to June 2023): 200

  • Number of medical conditions: 63

  • Most common diseases: Infectious diseases (44%) and pulmonary diseases (17%).

  • Mortality: 0

  • Hospital related complications: 0

  • Transfers to hospital: 11 (5.5%) patients needed to be transferred to traditional inpatient hospital care

  • Patiens satisfaction: NPS 88

Link to article here.