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“Through our partnership with Medoma, we now provide patients with in-home hospital care.”

Gunilla Wahlström, Head of Medicine Department, Capio St. Göran.

your hospital
with Medoma

Direct access to medical command center. Monitoring of vital parameters. Advanced logistics and supply chain management. All integrated - in one platform.

Your home. Your terms. Your hospital.

True patient-centered care - tailored for your needs.

Same or higher quality of care

In the comfort of your own home

Equal or better patient outcomes

With sustained safety

Medical staff at
your service

Daily digital and physical visits from doctors, nurses and physiotherapists – just as in an ordinary hospital ward.

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Decentralizing the hospital, centralizing the patient.

Who are our

Medoma's offering is for the acutely ill, patients that require complex medical treatment and diagnostics.

Infectious diseases

Bacterial infections such as pneumonia, urinary tract infection and cellulitis requires intravenous antibiotics and daily check-ups.

Heart failure

Episodes of acute heart failure require frequent evaluation of vital parameters and blood tests as well as intravenous medication.

Post-surgery monitoring, treatment and rehabilitation

Orthopedic, gastrointestinal and cardiothoracic surgery require frequent monitoring, treatment and rehabilitation.

Other acute medical conditions after initial diagnostics

After initial diagnosis and medical stabilization many acute conditions can be treated safely in the comfort of your home.

An internationally validated care model

A new improved experience for patients, relatives and caregivers alike.

High-acuity care at home is associated with:


reduction of readmission rate 1, 2


reduction of costs 2


increase in quality rating of care episode 3

1 Levine 2018

2 Levine 2020

3 Federman 2018

Our benefits

Enabling the right care, at the right place.

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For patients

Less hospital related complications

For society

More effective use of hospitals

For patients

Less hospital related complications

For hospitals

Hospital bed flexibility

For society

Lower costs

For patients

Increased physical activity and faster recovery

Our partners

Medoma is proud to collaborate with both caregivers and patient organizations to provide the best possible treatment for our patients.

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